In January of 1998 Gould’s Machine shop opened their doors. From the beginning Don Gould set out with a simple business plan. Provide superior automotive machine services while maintaining a casual relationship with the community. Over 10 years later his plan has stayed the same but the technology has grown. Gould’s automotive machine shop continues to acquire new tools, machines, an techniques in order to bring you the service that you expect from a race quality machine shop.
Car, Truck, Boat, or Tractor Gould’s Pro Cylinder in placerville will make sure that it runs for you for years to come. Come on in and talk to the knowledgeable staff, we are here to listen, troubleshoot, or brainstorm in order to accommodate you.

Need custom CNC?

We do that too! From design to production, Gould’s can make custom adapters, block gaurds, and more! You need it, we CNC it!

Meet the Machinists

Don Gould (owner)
Automotive Enthusiast and builder for over 40 years. A though always goes through Don’s head when he first steps into a car. “How can I make it better” It is this never ending quest for perfection that inspired him to start Goulds Pro Cylinder Heads inc. Racing is in his blood and when you walk into the office you can still see a spark in his eye when you talk to him about your latest project.

Jr (Machinist)
As most children played with legos, Jr grew up playing with Pistons, rings, and Camshafts. Don Gould Jr. has spent the majority of his life around engines and has been machining and building full time since 1998. Some call him a natural, we are proud to call him our head machinist.

Jim Cowger (Machinist)
30 Years Experience with an extensive resume from companies like motor warehouse and Densmore Jim is a wealth of knowledge and a true asset to Goulds Pro Cylinders inc.

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