Engine Blocks – High Gains in the Lower End

A blend of both precision and brawn, the engine block must sustain the tremendous force exerted on the cylinder walls from the repetitive explosions that make up the combustion cycle. From the factory, engine blocks are built to easily contain this energy and turn it into usable rotational force at the crank. If anything fails it is usually only the head gasket (which we fix too!). However, when more power is needed (and we always need more power!) and compression is raised with high performance pistons, and different rod to stroke ratios from stroker kits, average machine work just wont due. Boring and Honing must be exact, and the finish on the cylinder walls must be just right to offer maximum performance and reliability.

Need a little more displacement still? Bore those walls out too much and they might warp and crack. We offer solutions for that too.  Just call us or come on in to tell us what your personal goals are for your engine build. Whether old, new, or experimental we can help you realize your dream engine and make it become reality.

Cylinder Heads Port Polish and Rebuilds

Cylinder Heads are lungs lungs of an engine. A properly machined cylinder head directs airflow patterns into the cylinders all the while mixing the perfect fuel ratio for combustion. This harmony can by disrupted by even the slightest imperfection. A imperfection in the valve seat or misshaped port job can severely decrease your cars performance. Gould’s Pro Cylinder will has the experience that is required to get the job right every time. Precision is everything in engine machine, and that is just what we deliver.

Welcome to Gould’s Pro Cylinder

Serving El Dorado county and surrounding Areas since 1998. No matter how large or small the job Goulds Pro Cylinder and Automotive Machine shop has the expertise and machinery to get your project

Goulds Machine Shop

Goulds Machine Shop

Wheather you are a repair shop, dealership, local racer, or a commuting motorist Gould’s Pro Cylinder inc. is here to serve you. Precision craftsmanship and quality engine parts make sure that your car, truck, or boat is running at its full potential. The experts at Goulds pro Machine have earned a reputation as the area’s most professional one-stop automotive machine shop and engine parts provider.

Our services range from complete engine rebuilding, cylinder head repair, block boring, crankshaft grinding and engine balancing, port and polishing, performance builds for forced induction applications, and full race motor overhauls.

If you are a seasoned Gear head or just a weekend enthusiast Goulds pro cylinder machine shop has the knowledge to and machinery to make your engine running smooth and strong. Call, email or stop by today to experience how automotive repair should be.

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